Get ready for an exciting ride with the Price List of Quick Luxury Ride! Ethical and fair pricing policy is at the forefront of our practices as it is a means to ensure you deliver premium luxury transportation services at reasonable rates. From airport transfers to wedding transportation and corporate transportation, our prices are personally adjusted to your budget. So, we don’t use surprise fees, not a taboo in our company.

Please check our pricing below where you will see how easy and comfortable our services are. The thing that is good to know about us is that we offer discounts for clients who purchase at the beginning of the week or month. Of course, our website attracts all kinds of visitors. For those who get the first glimpse of our transport services, we provide clarity on our home page as we want you to understand and choose the best shop option easily.

It is not just for resolving my doubts regarding pricing but also for considering our plan. We are committed to meeting you wherever and whenever is convenient for you. Using transparent pricing rates, adjustable plans and transparent policies, you can be sure that your payment is the one that shows how your service and value are above average.

Long not more, let’s begin – the best way to get the pricing information is to go through the pricing details now and, with that, feel the comfort and elegance of movement on our chauffeur-driven cars. Your road was not just average mobility, it began here.

Airport Rates

Vehicle LGA LaGuardia JFK
3 Passenger Lincoln Towncar $110 $130 $150
Stretch Limousine 6 Passenger $195 $225 $300
6 Passenger Escalade ESV $170 $185 $225
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 14 Passengers $250 $300 $350
Stretch Limousine 8 Passengers $225 $250 $335
Stretch Limousine 14 Passengers (GMC) $250 $290 $310
Stretch Limousine 18 Passengers (Hummer H2) $350 $420 $450
Stretch Limousine 20 Passengers (Hummer H2) $350 $420 $450
Stretch Limousine 20 Passengers (Escalade) $380 $400 $445
12 passengers Van $200 $250 $300

* So, the above charges are all Excluding tolls tax and gratuity

* Up to 45 minutes free waiting time on domestic flights and also up to 1 hour free waiting time on international flights.

Prom Rates

Vehicle Per hour  
Mercedes S-550 $100 6 hours min
Stretch Limousine 6 Passengers $110 6 hours min
Stretch Limousine 8 Passengers $120 6 hours min
Stretch Limousine 10 Passengers $360 6 hours min
Stretch Limousine 14 Passengers ( Excursion ) $180 6 hours min
Stretch Limousine 18 Passengers ( Hummer H2 ) $220 6 hours min
Stretch Limousine 20 Passengers ( Hummer H2 ) $240 6 hours min
Stretch Limousine 20 Passengers ( Escalade ) $250 6 hours min

*Please add 20% gratuity to the above rates (Our Pricing)

Wedding Rates

Vehicle Per Hour     
Lincoln Town Car $55    
Escalade ESV $75    
Stretch Limousine 6 Passengers $110    
Stretch Limousine 8 Passengers $120    

Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets

Woodbury Commons Package Price
Luxury Town Car 1 to 4 Passenger 9-Hour package $495
Lincoln Limo 6-10 Passenger      9 Hours package $800
10-12 Passenger Van 9-Hour Package $750

So, 1 hour to Luxury travel to Woodbury Commons and 1 hour return. 7 hrs free waiting time, which is also included in the 9 hrs.

Rates Per Hour

Also, Please add 20% gratuity for the rates above (Our Pricing)

Vehicle Rate per Hour
Sedan, 3 to 4 passengers $55
6 Passengers Limousine $110
8 to 10 Passengers Limousine $120
12 to 14 Passengers Limousine $180
SUV 6 Passengers $75

Check all things considered.

Our Pricing


Consequently, Fast Luxury Encourage is staffed with individuals who are well-trained and dedicated, thereby providing superior service that is hassle-free and exceptional for a wide range of special events. We have limousines of different styles, sizes and classes for you to select from. Our fleet offers sophistication and comfort for both financially challenged clients and those who prefer high-quality services.

So, be it your prom, wedding, or corporate event, we promise you an unforgettable journey. So, our buses are the epitome of technologically advanced and obsessively cared for vehicles while our chauffeurs are well-trained professionals with decades of experience ensuring your travel experience is pampered with care and handled with the utmost professionalism.

Because we take a holistic approach towards service delivery as beyond just transporting passengers, we aim for excellence in all aspects. At our core, we value punctuality, reliability, and diligence, guaranteeing that as you travel with us; you will be delighted from step one as you progress towards your destination to the next step. Everything we do has an aim to provide you with the highest level of service possible making every step of your journey from the moment you book a balcony cabin to the moment you head back home an experience to remember.

Therefore, surpass the boring passivity by seizing the chance to get a Quick Luxury Ride to have a luxurious and comfortable journey. Please reach us right now, and we will deliver top-of-the-line sophistication and elegance at your most convenient schedule. Let the unique moments be an inspiration. We will transform your celebrations in other life chapters into memories that will be valued for decades to come.